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Drag Seen

MPH Vintage Sprint, Deenthorpe Airfield, Corby. 25th June 2023.

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Drag Seen is a A5 sized magazine,published annually featuring pages of glorious techni-colour photos of smoking' burnouts, wild wheel stands, wilder racers and trackside racing action featuring hot rods, customs, american muscle, gassers, diggers, outlaws and outcasts all printed on 130 gram hi-quality paper wrapped in a 300 gsm cover. All profits from Drag Seen are donated to Cancer Research UK.



Issue One

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Nostalgia Nationals * Dragstalgia * Hot Rod Drags * STP Nationals * VHRA Vintage Drags                             


Issue Two

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Hot Rods * Gassers * American Muscle * Customs * Diggers * GOW! Jobs * Outlaws * Outcasts * Jalopys


Issue Three

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Meltdown Drags * Barnstormer Dirt Drags * Dragstalgia * Hot Rod Drags * Nostalgia Nationals and more!

Meet the Team...


Paul Martin


Having combined my passion of hot rods and nostagia drag racing with my love of shooting on both 35mm film cameras and hot rod hybrids of digital cameras and vintage lenses, the obvious final step was to put them in a old fashioned good quality printed magazine. The other was to collaborate with some very talented, car obsessed individuals.


Niamh Smith


Niamh Frances Smith AKA Raceway Hussy is a freelance content writer who sports a passion for diving into research 'rabbit holes' of all things classic car and drag racing history related. She can often be found drooling over Pinterest boards filled with 60s muscle cars, scouring charity shops for vintage junk or fawning over her classic cars in her garage.


Julian Hunt


After his first visit to Santa Pod in 1990 Julian was hooked on Drag Racing and has attended race meetings regularly ever since. In 2007, he decided to learn how a camera worked and has never looked back. His award winning work is published on specialist websites and many magazines. Check out his more of his work on his website


Eyeball Mike


Mike found time between striping and lettering cars, bikes and boards to whip up the 'cool as ....' fink eyed Drag Seen 3 cover plus our logo.If you needs some lines laid down on your ride or your own Rat Fink design by an official Rat Fink artist contact Mike through his Insta feed...


Dan Podobinski


NW Indiana based freelance photographer/writer, music junkie & cancer survivor. Regular contributor to Hop Up, Car Kulture Deluxe & more.

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